Lock Down Musings


” I want to go home, I want to go home

I don’t want to be holed up in this dungeon any more

Where a cough, a sneeze is fraught with fear

Wheezing,even breathing warns of death near

Parasites in your eyes, when hosts turn hostile

Chase us like criminals with no qualms of conscience

Virus doesn’t differentiate, the migrant or the native

You have all the means I have none.

I don’t want free ration, better earn it like you

Queuing for free lunch, a slur on my honour

Yes! We too have honour , not the rich alone

Any thing comes free has strings I know

We miss the “pots of meat in Egypt”, the “fish we ate for free”

Ilish macher jhol, Mishti Doi; Appam Fish Molee, Parotta Beef

Take me over the Plateau, take me over the seas

To the golden mustard fields, to the evergreen coconut groves.

To the base of the hills, to the banks of the river

Far from the crowds, far from the chasing cops

Where I was born, where I was grown

Where I want to stay, where I want to die.

Image result for picture spikes and barbed wires farmers


Don’t bite the hands that feed you, leave it to the crocodile

Hands may turn fists and it’ll take a while for a smile.

Never sow spikes on the road to reconciliation

Lest you reap thorns for your own coronation

Barbed wires are good at Guatanamo Bay  

Not a good idea to keep your own people at bay

Never build walls even when you differ

You may need them as crises pass by the hour

For it isn’t our fault, we stumbled and fell

They will not repeal, come high water, come hell.

They say power corrupts, I say it makes one stupid too

Blame it on yourself, you are the one who chose them too.

Author: Mathew George

Another slipshod writer under the Sun

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