Having Dementia is Scary

When Dementia Knocks

It is scary to have dementia.

It is frightening to live in a world that doesn’t make sense and be surrounded by people you don’t know.

It’s alarming to realize that you no longer are able to read a clock.

It’s terrifying to know you might forget those you love the most.

It’s upsetting to not be able to come up with a common word, like bath or fork.

It’s difficult when people get frustrated with you and you don’t know why.

It’s scary to not remember how to do basic tasks, like putting out the trash or pumping gas.

It’s hard to process why you’re not sad when you should be (like when a loved one dies) and why you’re not happy when you should be (like when you have a new grandbaby).

It’s worrisome when you don’t have the mental energy to watch a TV show or follow…

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Author: Mathew George

Another slipshod writer under the Sun

2 thoughts on “Having Dementia is Scary”

  1. I visited an old friend a year younger to me … he lost his memory after a stroke. He recognised me but not my name.. he had an ABC .. book to learn alphabets. Otherwise healthy.. it was too shocking to see firsthand. He hugged me at the car… obviously going in and out in his memory bank. A terrible experience seeing it firsthand


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